RozRazil Revue

Editor in chief: Petr Minařík;
Editor: Pavel Řehořík;
General qestions:
Envelope adress: Větrné mlýny, Traubova 3b, CZ–602 00 Brno, Czech Rep.
Telephones: +420 603 876 696 or +420 739 026 422

The RozRazil [forget-me-not] Revue is a monthly periodical about society, arts and its reflexion. It also focuses on explorations, reactions and responses to different social themes. Its aim is not just to emphasize Czech and European theatre, but also other accompanying events connected to it.
The character of this periodical is determined by the idea of publishing varied high-quality articles, which the reader places into his book case and will come back to it. The Rozrazil Revue comes out 10 times a year, there are no issues printed during the theatre holidays in July and August.
The amount of pages ranges approximately between 90 and 160.

The RozRazil Revue is the first of the periodicals of Brno alternative theatre "Husa na provázku" (i.e. Goose on the String). It is inseparable from this theatre and it is its exhibition window.
But it also wants to be not just the "string extender" through the labyrinth, but also arresting and amusing reading and companion and partner in the discussions. We want to be REVUE ROZRAZIL - THE ARRESTING PERIODICAL.

The Revue RozRazil (in Czech means BrokeThrough) comes from the same name of a scenic magazine, which was firstly "published" October 21, 1988 at the theatre "Goose on the String" (Rozrazil 1/88 (About Democracy). The opening night of this play in the former communist regime evoked a sharp censorship.
First part of this scenic magazine RozRazil, a stage adaptation of the revolutionary establishment of the Czechoslovakian state, was called "Zítra to spustíme" (Tomorrow we´re gonna start it up) and was written directly for this magazine by the former dissident and later a long-time president Václav Havel. In 1989 in the times of the Velvet Revolution the theatre Goose on the String organized (together with other Brno theatre ensemble called HaDivadlo) strike meetings as an incorporated improvisational part of the RozRazil volume. After the end of the strike these improvisations were finished to the shape of a new "premiere-edition" of the scenic magazine: RozRazil 2/89 (Občanské fórum).

The contemporary theatre "Husa na provázku" returnes to this magazine by the new stage play called RozRazil 3/06 (About Brno), which will have the opening night in November 2006.

The printed revue RozRazil is also the connection link among the scenic Rozrazils.

The editorial board:
František Derfler, Věra Jirousová, Petr Kofroň, Vladimír Morávek, Martin Porubjak, Petr Oslzlý